Monday, June 28, 2010

It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.

The real measure of your contributions 

What is accomplishment? Is it measured by the number of zeroes in your salary? By status or your level of fame? Or could success possibly come from the number of lives you touch? In today's world, where people are famous just for being famous, it's easy to get caught up in the quest for being noticed and appreciated. People and ideas can be trampled along the way if nobody looks out for them. If leaving a legacy is important to you, it should not come at the expense of your values. If you let it, you'll end up leaving a legacy you didn't want, and that kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it? The greatest and most noble acts are the ones that are done when we think no one is looking. When you stop expecting thanks or anything in return, your contribution is more welcome than ever. The irony is that the nicer you are, the more important you become. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

JS - Nobody - Wondergirls

I want Nobody, nobody but you!
P/S: I so love these Jayesslee girls. Note that the left one, her name's Sonia and the other Janice!
This is how they got their name. Janice has a J (Jay) and Sonia has an (Ess) && Lee is their family name.
So that is prolly how I found out about their name. :)
Lavv them, lavv the voice, lavv them both!

SS501 - Love Ya MV [HD]

Baby, Let me Love Ya Love Ya Love Ya!
Saranghae SS501!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Confession of an Uncertain Heart.

I restricted leisure and fun to myself just moments ago.
I'm going to miss it. I know. I so wanna go.
But it's not helping. It's all comes back to my own fault.
I did not complete my tasks on time. What am I to do.
I'm telling myself, I'm not the only one, missing it.
Don't take it to heart. If you lose something,
prolly something else is going to zoom in.
I've already walked in to this journey.
Now, it;s up to me to walk till the end.
I have to be committed to myself and to what I'm doing.
I owe myself an explanation at the end of the day.
If I don't do it now, who will?
If I don't stop whatever else I'm doing now, how will I focus?
I'm sorry I had to. Because of this, I've made bigger future decisions.
If I miss on this time, will I be losing more in the future? I dunno.
Just let me be for this once.
Initially, I didn't know they weren't going, it was a decision made,
solely by me. I've considered all possible factors.
Thank you.

I've decided.
Keep Holding On.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010!

Ask me why the post Title, it's cause its the Favourite Word of The Day. Ironic? It keeps me laughing!
Hahaha. Once Upon A Time on 10th June 2010.
I swear upon God, this is so last minute. 
Jingy found me online and asked me about whether or not it's On to meeting Avinash the next day.
Initially, I was supposed to attend a meeting at 2pm but considering the fact that this fellow dear friend came down all the way from Ipoh, of course it weren't for us but still, he only comes down like what, 2 times in a year? So that's why. At first, I told Jingy that I have to attend a meeting the next day then come to think of it, I chose to go all the way to KL and miss my meeting. I know, I'm selfish but gimme a break? He's Avinash man. haha.
Okay, I'm not gonna talk about what happened in between the journey. The fact that we get to meet them both is such a blissful thing! I mean, how many friendship that you initiate in the virtual world comes true? Mine did.

The meal we had because Avi was hungry!

I know I know. I'm retarded. But it's a picture with Boonie!

Gimme some fingers Up! :D

DAMN! I miss miss miss him! The BABI in the mid!

In the end, we still have to depart. :(
Setiap Perjumpaan ada Perpisahan.

I miss you both. Like literally right after you two walked off.
Facts cannot deny that Boonie is damn cute!
Avi is one Helluva friend.
Although Jingy and I were complaining how reserved he was that day
until we played some dumb arcade game!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Prince of Persia: Defy The Future...

It Is Said Some Lives Are Linked Across Time...
 They Are Connected By An Ancient Calling That Echoes Through The Ages...

I'd say the movie is in my Favourite List! Loved the whole setting, the story, the action.
Loved how Prince of Persia used The Sands Of Time and revive the times and still got Princess Tamina as his lover. Sweeeet! Jake Gyllenhaal was smokin'! Okay, I have to come to the fact that all Man-actors look hot in whatever Main Role that they're playing so,... hahaha.

Later the movie, we walked around JJ Aeon and it was evening already. Not forgetting whose day it was, it was... En. Agilan's birthday!

We capped off his birthday celebration at Restoran Coconut Flower at Teluk Gong. 
Pure yummy seafood!

That's just part of my last week's updates! Still incomplete but doubt that I have all the time to complete it so,... stay tune on Facebook! It tells you all.

Ridiculosity. Absurdity. Whatever you may call it.

Okay, this is just a plain random fact. Moments ago, I was blog-hopping.
And I've found a similarity between bloggers and THAT IS...

They all seem to assume that Haters would visit their blog. I mean how could you possibly know and why would you bother?

For an example, this is how they would put it. HATE ME? F*** Off?
Like Okayyyyy...
I mean, are those Haters really any of your concern? I mean, definitely those Haters would wanna stalk your blog and assume shits about you but again, do you really know? It's getting funnier every time I see someone ends their About Me section with tabs like F*** Off! LMAO! 

Really, the only loyal blog readers would prolly be your fan or friend not your fiend aite?

HAHAHA. This matter still keeps me wondering. Like Seriously!

Some random edits that can do all the talking!

Okay, maybe not all. Just some.


I asked him to shout "Tepuk Bulan Sabit!" and this is what he gave the crowd!

Read the caption! 

Love the girls! Spot the sisters for me?

Our DJ is flying off to UK! The none other than Chuan Leet!

I had to weyh! hahahahaaaa.

More coming up right after this.
I'll be On and Off.
This is just one mere event. So much more happenings unrecorded here.
I'm thinking, so long more for my life to be on its pace. Now, I have to Catch Up!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. 

For 16 hours a day, you drive your body hard. You put pressure on joints for hours on end, you expose it to who knows what kinds of germs and bacteria, you put it under major strain and stress, you demand everything it can do and some things that it can't. Let your body have the other 8 hours to itself. It's earned it. After a long day, your body needs to heal and recover. Let your muscles and joints take a break. Your immune system needs strengthened and cannot always be stretched to its limits. Your body has a way of letting you know when it's not getting the rest it needs--it wears down and feels fatigued. And eventually it breaks down. So do everything you can to pay your body back by getting a good dose of sleep. It will love you for it. 

I love to reunite! One day, we all will be back! =)


I take things too lightly and lately, I have not found the space to breathe,
Prolly due to all this hecticness.
But now that it's the end, I have to focus on what I have to focus.
No procrastination, just plain movement and hard work.
Life's gonna get tougher after this, no one promised that it is going to be easy,
They only promised it will be worthwhile.
Deng! I have so much too update.
From Camp Tutti Fratelli 2010 to Prince of Persia to Outing with Avinash & Boonie to A-Team to TUTTI REUNION 2010!
I miss all these events now cause I have to focus on more shit right now,
and that is, none other than,
Form 6!

See you soon! Thank you for visiting!
Will make your visit worthwhile soon! :))
Pictures will do its talking soon!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Had it been so long?
I dunno what to do.
If I express me out,
I'm gonna get tabooed.