Saturday, July 31, 2010

Most important this week.

Holy Cow Mama Papa Oh Le Le, I am a Driver now with the BIG P License!

Therefore, I can rip off my L License now! 
This feels so good you can only have it this once and move on! 

P/S: I am not going to reveal my Original P License here for it will definitely attract your laughters! HAHA. You know lah, all this pirated passport photo legal license card is always fugly! XD

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Diary of July.

Happenings checked this month:

5th July - 1st ever Driving Test (Failed)

10th July - Pertanding Kuiz Kerjaya Peringkat Daerah (Johan) ;)
              - ECLIPSE, watched! (Awesome! Carlisle & Jasper is loveeeeeeeeee.)

12th July - 2nd Driving Test (Failed, again!)

14th July - Lidia's birthday celebration in class!

15th July - FLORIA Festival at Putrajaya, trip with the SURIAns!

17th July - Bon Odori (Not going anymore.)
              - 08 Reunion (Cancelled)

19th July - 3rd Driving Test (I'm like so Whatever already!)

24th July - RC Prom Nite 2010 cum 08 Reunion! (Can't wait for it!) HOH YEAH!

31st July - ISCF Rally. Snoozing? Am I going? Prolly yes, prolly no! I wanna go with them! LMAO.

Form 6 life really has lots of its Ups & Down and I'm loving every bit of it. The new friendship bonded is oh-so-aweesommmme!

I love Sawwah!
Told you! I love Sawwah!
Jessica's so sweeet, she brought breakfast for meh! =)
Our nation! That's Jingy!
Can you beat that!?
The SURIAns!
Yummeh yum-yum!
I am a Malaysian!
Salute 1 Malaysia!
Jessica her name, I know her eyes are pretty! haha

Joannes is dorky!
That's my class right there! 

P/S: Whatcha think?
It's been a real bumpy ride through this months.
My next goal is to achieve Optimum Time Management!

Thank you for reading till this very last word here, AWESOME!