Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beautiful heartfelt song. ♥

Cinderella by Singer/Songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman.
You will then understand how this song came about after listening to it. :')
May God bless Maria's soul.
The song literally blew my mind away and the tearing never end.
It took away all the worries and heartaches I had earlier today. :) ♥

This is Maria Sue Chapman's story, Amen.

Maria Sue Chunxi Chapman.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You'd be happy if you were me.

The agenda after 2.00pm, today.

01. Reached home
02. Laid down and watched "How I Met Your Mother"
03. On the netbook and logged onto Facebook
04. Logged into
05. Went to look for my favourite piece, was eager to see if anyone had reserved it
06. Chatted with Kath for some time about some enquiries in my mind
07. In a split second, I filled up the Order Form and hit the [Submit] tab
08. Received an Order Confirmation Email from Kath G.

In between, I experienced immense euphoric satisfaction. :)

09. Spammed Jing Wen's & Lidia's wall to notify them indirectly
10. Called Jing Wen & Lidia to share the joy
11. Drove out to the nearest Maybank to deposit the cash
12. Texted Kath to notifiy her about the payment made

Besides, I shall hereby officiate The Breaking Down of Online Blogshopping Virginity today! Hehe.
* If you are wondering WTH I did, this is - I bought the Exhibit A below. ;)

And thus, with the excitement tingling along in my tummy, I shall resume to reality state and slam my face in the books of life and facts and calculations and applications and what nots.

Signing off, expecting an overwhelming day tomorrow.

20102010 is tomorrow. KARNIVAL PRA-U cum TELEMATCH from 8.00am - 4.30pm and then after Chemistry Tuition at 6.45pm. Phew!

Trust me, I know what I'm doing.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Exhibit A ; The Dress. ♥

OH MY! I discovered the dress last 2 weeks and it has never left my sight since. 
Unfortunately, the Grey piece that I loved most is sold to some anonymous idiotic buyer! :(
Now there is left the Offwhite one. I am so determined to get this piece after I have get that sum of money.

P/S: This is the first time ever that I am so determined to get my hands on a piece of dress from an online blogshop and plus, this blogshop really knows what I like! Chances never come around the corner like this, if you want it to be yours, then make it. :) (Still dreaming of the dress till today.) 

MY Exhibit A.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

SIU YAN sucks. end of story.

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great ones make you feel that you, too, can become great."

Before I start mumbling, let me just make some things clearer here. As to why the philosopher quoted 'Small people' as someone who sounds like an evil, cunning person, I dunno. But from my understanding and from where I came from, we, Chinese believe that "SIU YAN" which also somehow coincidentally means "SMALL PEOPLE" is/are the group of those people whom we dislike/hate because of his/her attitude or behaviors or simply the miseries that such people have caused us. 

OKAY. So there's only one reason why I'm posting about this and that is, I love the quote and for all it has to mean. Along our staircase to our ambition, we will meet various people from all kinds of backgrounds. And then we will start to understand them if at all, they are a "BEST FRIEND MATERIAL!" hahaha.

But here's a reminder to my loyal readers too, which are going to be extinct soon due to my incompetency and my inconsistent timing of posting my thoughts. And yeah, this quote have reminded me a lot, about life and mostly, friendships that I have ignited until today. 

Here's to what I stand for: No matter what position you are in life, I, personally, only believed in genuinity and originality from a friend. That's the very basic I look for in that special person and if you look out for something being for your own good and just wanting to surpass other people's life, I do not want to be in your list. Your life is as important as mine is and lastly to you, I DON'T CARE! 

Note: This post is not aiming at anyone, you can assume I do, I just wanna let you people learn something today. 

Sigining off in a rather complacent mood. :) toodles. 

and Cheers to my beloved friends, I have always love you all because you people are the reason, I have a life.  

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In the mood of "killing anyone that comes in My Way"!

So as the title goes, yeah. I am in the MOOD. My mood is forever vital to yours truly every single second. I am very ignorant about your feelings as I am to mine. The irony of me saying that my feelings are important to me and yet I ignore them is because feelings is something that affects you mentally, physically and emotionally without you being aware of its existence by itself. 

Here's the thing, the only reason why I do ignore my feelings (most of the time, NO, sometimes) yes is just cause I do not or I rather prevent myself into succumbing into my own feelings be it happy or "EMO". If you would realize or probably you would be too ignorant to this normalcy in conversations or gestures nowadays is that when people look at you and they think that you are, maybe rather down due to whatsoever they might only know after initiating a conversation at the next 5th minute with you, this is how they tend to... or you can say 'try talking to you' is by pointing their index finger towards you and rather speak enormously loud at the top of their lungs and say "YOU EMO!" or in any chatbox conversations, it would turn out to be a SHOUT OUT in Caps with multiple unending EXCLAMATION MARK!!!!!!!!!!! (Like this.) 

Bleh. Whatever. So as to my title again, I AM in the mood of "Killing Anyone That Comes In My Way!" Truth is, I'll never know when I'll throw a bombastic bomb right in your face the next time you might encounter a bump with me. (And we all know, it RARELY happens.) Hahaha. :)

Till the next time again and I was supposed to insert a picture but due to whatsoever lame excuses, I decided this will be it. THE LAME EXPRESSION.

Here's to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month to my darling females out there and not forgotten the 1 in out of 25000 guys eligible to be diagnose with breast cancer too, and yes, The Lord is fair and yeah, it's NOT COOL. 

Affirmative. I'm not doing shit today. That's what I've been constantly hammering into my head(s). 


P/S: I'm not EMO or "whatsoever" - Besides, the word EMO, wherever it originated from was never in my Vocabulary. Encore for that! ;)

Signing off in Red. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

They will never seem to understand. :p

They will never understand who we really are.
It's October now, two more months to a scary year!
Not much to brag this time, just wanna keep it simple.