Sunday, January 24, 2010


okay. this is just to update you about what has been happening and what had happened.

  1. Resit for my Undang on Friday and I passed with flying numbers of 45/50. hahaha. BIG JOKE!
  2. Today is my 7th day of work at Padini CS. As much as it feels humiliating when people you know come to see you working, I actually wanted that to happen more often. Doing the same thing everyday and not talking to some human that you really knew, ain't a good thing. Please do drop by and I'll appreciate it much. :D
  3. I'm so sick and tired of waiting, really. Whateverlah, when I don't care already, then you'll be happy.
  4. Actually, I am worried of tomorrow. VAD 43 Recruitment Day. Things aren't falling into the right places. Peoples. fuh.
  5. OK! So I know and you may know, my birthday is this Monday. The LEGAL one. I'm happy, you don't have to. Don't have to hide it or whatever already cause FB tells the whole world. Whether it means anything to you or not, it is something to me! I'm LEGALLY GROWN-UP! This I know! :D Whatever lah. Thank you to all you with the sweet thoughts. =))

i wanna dance in the rain with her.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


it's been three days since i've last blogged so, i thought of summarizing what happened in the three days of my work and etc. hahaha. as you know, imma employee already. beh. it almost didn't feel great but i'm glad i have something to look forward to everyday when i wake up unless i have my day off that i can get other stuffs done. 

16th January 2010.
on Saturday, i started work at 1.30pm and finishes at 10.30pm. FYI, i'm working in Padini Concept Store in AEON Bukit Tinggi. (P & Co department) working is after all not that amusing as it seems and it can be as tired like you never had sleep. hahaha. imagine 9 hours of standing everyday but you still have 1 hour break in between but that doesn't help much to sooth the sore in your legs. it's like ZOMG. but until now, i'm still hanging on in there. it's not like you will die. i'm getting used to it. haha. and i learn different things everyday. (my work ain't only about folding clothes OK!, get a life lah weh.) my break on Saturday was at 4.30pm. hell crazy! i was cracking my mind on what to eat since it's my first day at work and finally i decided on sushi from Jusco itself. it cost like RM8.88 and bought two cans of drinks which cost RM1.09 each. OMG! then on, i told myself i will have lighter meals everyday. if i were to spent that amount of money everyday, i would be broke even before i could get my salary. as crazy as it seems, i'm still enjoying! my colleagues are very nice and friendly. they are elaine, joyin, selina, kit peng and jumaria. hahaha. my main task is to take care of the wagons like when it's messy, i tidy it up. hahaha. and of course i started work on a weekend, so it was like HELL NO! stop picking those clothes, aunty! hahaha. you get fed up sometimes. and when you're in the shoes of a promoter that you will realize how they feel when you go shopping for clothes and you start pulling piece by piece from the bottom of the stack. (arghh!) and part-timers like me can leave as soon as the clock strikes at the right time, that means we do not have to care what is done and not done and just leave. like WHOOHOO man! especially when you stare at your watch and the time passes can die! hahaha. you know what i mean lah. BUT AGAIN, when i think of the time passing and every cent coming in my pocket, that's a big motivation although it's not as much as Bill Gates would earn but it sure does feel good to earn your own ka-ching $$$! :D :D :D after work at 10.30pm, i meet up with Chris to catch a midnight movie! and the movie he chosed is AVATAR, the freaking 3 hours of movie. but since movie starts at 11.55am, he brought me to go makan first at some nice mamak restaurant! i ordered only roti telur because...and he was like 'you said you were hungry and that's all you ordered?' and i was like 'it's enoughlah Chris!' hahaha. anyways, he is some person that is really nice i guess, too nice that sometimes you feel scared to ask anything! hahaha. you must know him to understand this lah weh. ohya, btw, it's my first time meeting him after i got to know him. LOL. so after that, we rushed for movie. not really lah but he drove back and we walked to the cinema. SO FULL. so we waited for the movie to start and our spot is kinda nice. haha. middle row lah. as the movie go on, in my mind i was like WOW, WOWWER and WOWWEST! see how i described it. hahaha. after the movie, i was still in the WOW mode. Thank you, CHRISTOPHER KHOO TSAIR SHIEH! he has a funny name you will take years to pronounce it! LMAO. he made my first working night! haha. then of course, he fetched me home and honestly i feel so terhutang budi but really thankyousomuch!!! he planned to visit SHEILA the next day but i've got work and he has just too much work to do and btw, his feet is swollen bad due to his futsal rough crazy game. hahaha. speaking of SHEILA, i miss her so much! there is definitely an emptiness here when she's not around. that's the end of the first day of work. hahahas.

the best movie i have ever watched!

i love the Avatar of Jake Sully! Toruk Macto! :D like literally falling in love. LMAO.
17th January 2010.
my work starts at 9.30pm and i got back home at like 3.03am and slept at 4.00am! IMAGINE THAT! crazy, this is really crazy. but i could endure today more than i could expected. hahaha. at first, i went like Oh, another dreadful day! but then i survived until 6.30pm although it was really tiring. hahaha. and the customers rushed in likeWTH?! my wagons (where the clothes are stacked in the steel rack.) were all messy like mountains. this time is a shitty feeling for us promoters. hahaha. almost can die but what to do, just work.and when you see all the clothes are all tidied up and placed back, you feel Ahh! Like so nice to see the result of your work! but folding the same clothes all over and over again is ZZZ! Boring! that same piece of material i can fold it like minimum 30 times a day! and today i learned how to dust the clothes and wipe the mannequin if you work in the morning shift. hahaha. break is at 2.30pm and i didn't know what to eat so i only bought some piece of bread from Lavender. then that dreadful feeling to wait until your work ends. ZOMG! but when it has finally ended, YAY again! hahaha. this time it's 6.30pm. hahaha. luckily i skipped the big 4 hours of Peak Hours but my turn is coming up too, dies! and there is CHRIS again to fetch me and he just wanted to fetch me home cause the day before i told him i was going back by bus because my work ends before night and by 6.15pm, i got a message that says i will be waiting outside there. so now you can see how nice is this guy! like damn nice! nicer than my bro! HAHAHA. OF COURSE! on the way back, he called SHEILA and let me answered! hahaha. of course i talk to her. we can just talk any craps you know, like anything especially when we're so far away from each other and i really really wanna meet her, i hope i don't shed a tear when she comes home. then i reached my house. =) THANKS!
18th January 2010.
this is really a super-tiring day due to the day before. i have nothing to say about today cause it is just normal and the customers are moderate although they still mess up the clothes even though i'm only like 1 hour and 30 minutes away from the wagon. ZZZ! but i did learn something new today! hahaha. new stocks for Spring are in so Joyin taught me to count, mark and label the stocks! at least now i know a little secret about clothes sales. and when i say a secret, of course i don't state it here. and i know now when to get and when not to buy clothes. LMAO. that's all. my mama came to fetched me at 11.00pm. she doesn't know where to wait and the way she described her venue is like shit! and of course i got pissed and she got pissed! so whatever! now that i'm working, she has some sense to me, maybe because i'm earning money. ZZZ! i was so freaking hungry i tell you! i asked to stop by at the restaurant to pack something back and i had no money, like seriously! my dad is not back home yet lah so it's difficult for me to get my pocket money. and when i asked for some money, she was so reluctant! i was like WTF!? just send me home now! thank god for he knew i was hungry that he left one last packet of maggi mee for me. thankyou! bye.

what a new experience! 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

imma sales assistant.

today is my first day of work.
i am working afternoon shift today, 1.30pm-10.30pm.
i am going to wear a PINK POLO TEE. so you'll know where to find me.
location is in AEON JJ. hahaha.
i can't wait to start work, finally i'm granted one! :D
thank you, wish me lucks again! 
see you.

this really just means less Facebook and lesser Blogger.
i hope i don't tire out.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

TODAY WITH maniraj! ♥

LMAO. this is so gonna be fast and short because i'm not over with my below post yet. as my previous posts stated, i'm going to attend a job interview and yeah, I GOT IT! it is in Padini at AEON! =)) i shall not elaborate what happened between. then after, call here and there! and and then, MANIRAJ and i met up at Klang Bus Station to proceed to our next agenda. hahaha. apparently, he got this letter about some foundation studies in HICT which offers some great thing! and yeah, we decided to go HICT to know more about it! :D a new pathway and choice for us! the study deal is really eye-catching! and if you're interested in foundation studies, give it a try! visit the HICT website or something! hahaha. LIMSORWEN, we didn't call you cause you were working! seriously! hahaha. really. so that's about it. went there and hanged out. walk here and there. exchange ideas and whattodos. hahaha. then then, it was like already 6.0+pm. so off we go! back! hahaha. then again took the bus and then walk again. planned to take undang computer exam with MANIRAJ but yeah, damn...the school's close and she freaking won't answer the calls. beh tahan. nevermind. ALL THE BEST TO YOU TOMORROW, MANIRAJ! hahaha. and hope you enjoy watching the movie! as i said, it melts your heart. LOL. and just let me tell you something about this guy, MANIRAJ. well of course you know who he is but one fact you don't know. he talks all you want. you can sit quiet the whole day and it would be fun listening to his sides of stories. it is normally of his past or just anything. he is someone that can really just tell you all his stories and it's nice, funny, crazy and it WOWs you most of the time! like this, O.O! hahaha. that's it today! MANI, thank you for the movie and thanks for that college info. it really does help a lot and and easy said, thanks for every everything really! XD so simple yet it explains all. 

lately, i love appreciating the people around me and the truth is,
i love you and all of you! :D

*i wanted to write about every bit today but really, i ran out of that hype mood.
 i'm sorry.


i never wanted to talk foul words to you but you made me to. you made me into someone i didn't want to, at least it only happens when you're around. i know who did what how where to me in my soon-to-be 18 years of life. you have no rights to talk this out. at all. none. i know who embraced, brought me up and believe in me throughout my life and the true fact it, you're not one of them cause you made yourself to be. this is not only sometimes, but always i wonder, do i belong here or more like where do i belong? not here i know! hahah. like yeah! i DO NOT belong here, right here at all. i gonna work myself up to there, someday, one day. i am cheating myself if i ever said you were my role model. NO. i ain't sorry about this. i just gotta pour it out to whoever. i was always patient and calm but not anymore. imma stand up for myself now. i have my own rights for myself and i ain't talking to you about it. no thanks. i am so tired. it's too much pain that i have to bear. what about him? why do you need to compare? it's not the same, totally. damn right, i wasn't a straight As scorer. but i know i have other qualities too. not you, you know nothing about me. i will say nothing now for i will proof it that day, it's coming, not so soon but i will do it! for my best! all you have done for me was, lemme think...discourage me in whatever i do, i'm so damn right about that. it's not like i wasn't contented with everything you've done for me, you just made me forgot all that, just by thinking you were damn right on your side. whatever i suppose. i am most happy and contented with what i've became over this many years, it's none of your business anyways. not you to judge what i've became also. so mind your life. thank you just the same. i just wanna say, stay out from my place. i never once asked you about it. enough of my ranting. thank you to my obedient blog. iloveyouall.

make a wish upon the shooting star.

the shooting star.

now imma make two wishes upon this shooting star. (aunty gwen, please poppy me! thankyouverymuch!) my only two simple wishes.

  1. i am going for a job interview tomorrow at P&Co. tomorrow at Padini, AEON JJ. Please let me through it for i need a job badly to kill my time and earn my own cash! $$$. thanks.
  2. by this week, i am going for my second trial of my computer undang exam, so please let me get pass this for i will have to save money and save more time for other matters. thanks again.

poppy me for i will need it much. hehe.
I hope that this week is a fruitful week. TQ.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

TODAY WITH amandaleesiuchern. ♥

as you can see, it's so obvious from the title that i went out with AMANDALEESIUCHERN. hahaha! it's like finally weh! after freaking long six months. so busy with our own stuffs and not catching up about each other! hahaha. although facebook is around but yeah, seeing her for real was so much more better! of course, or else you won't know the real meaning of missing someone. ireallymissherlah. when i was in school, she has always been around then yeah left school and move on with life! hahaha. imissherlaughs. LMAO. and and, we meet up today! she came to fetch me at Modern at Chi Liung and then we went to AEON JJ for some  lepaking and hanging around. i was hungry so, we went to Kim Gary Restaurant and she ordered for me some Chinese Style Beef Steak Tomato Pasta which was really delicious because she insisted that it is so delicious! hahaha. OK! then we talked and talked. of course i would love to hear more from her side. hahaha. her after-so-long new life lah kan, right up to praburajramanathan. HAHAHA. OK. done with food and off to check the movies. at first it was supposed to be Paranormal Activity because she had already watched it and wth? the way she said it already is scary! hahaha. and then, she went to talk to her friend at the popcorn counter and he suggested Old Dogs! hahaha. heissofunnyitellyou, heresembleslikesomeoneweknow! HAHAHA. then we're off to her house cause the movie is like two hours later. it was then only 3.23pm. then lepak sini and lepak sana, and then she has to fetch Stefeny to tuition. after that, reach AEON JJ and movie time! final choice is Old Dogs! hahaha. it was a really good laugh and a meaningful movie too! families should go watch this! HAHAHA. (ilovethegorillapart!) LMAO. so that's it, movie ends around at 7.07pm and we chao! AMANDA with her superb-steady-experienced driving skills fetched me home! =]] hehehe. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, amandaleesiuchern!  (it is a crime if you don't love her for who she is!) hahaha. 
it was helluva a nice outing with her, just to hang out with her is already a pleasure! she's like my big sister you know! :D :D :D lastly, ILYALSC! till then, see you again and i'm going back to the missing you again mode! take care! HUGS!


till we meet again.

the movie; VIRGIN SNOW; Hatsukoi No Yuki. ♥
this movie was released on November 1, 2007 at Korea. hahaha. i've only watched it yesterday and yeah, i fell in love with this movie. the settings, the everything that happened between Min & Nanae. it reminds me a lot of Japan too. Min is a Korean that transfers to Kyoto, Japan following his father whom is a professor. the movie is really really pretty and heart-warming. the ending was the sweetest i've seen in love movies so far. although they have language barriers, they still tries to learn the language of each other until one day Nanae left Min without a notice that Min had stopped learning Japanese language since. As to him, there is no reason in learning Japanese if Nanae is gone. They made two promises, yakusoku! First one was, Min would do a pottery and Nanae would paint on it. (Min made a pig-faced pottery to give Nanae as the 100th Day Anniversary of their relationship on the day of a festive season at Kyoto.) Nanae was wearing Yukata at that time.(Nanae gave Min a charm which was made by her.) From there, Nanae kissed Min goodbye and after since Min return from visiting his grandmother, that he finds Nanae to be missing. The 2nd yakusoku is that they would date on the first snowfall of the year at Doldam Street at Korea. No one knows elsewhere she went, without a note. After two years, they meet each other in front of Deoksu Palace, Nanae is there for her art exhibition and Min is there to catch a drumming show performed by his friends. Then they met and there was silence and sadness. I wouldn't tell you what's the ending like because for sure it melted my heart and my tears rolled down after. it is the prettiest movie of two different worlds as they had language barrier. this movie proofs that no matter where you're from, there is still a love spark regardless language because they still can communicate and they have remembered each other's yakusoku and waited long for each other, 2 years. no matter how far and long time has taken their life, in the end they are still reunited and the two yakusoku is kept at the same event. what a pretty pretty movie. (by the way, it was Maniraj who discovered this movie first and thanks to him, i get to watch it yesterday night, 1am-3am.) HAHA.

Min & Nanae.

Hatsukoi No Yuki.
Starring Korean Actor Lee Jun Ki & Japanese Actress Aoi Miyazaki.
Min moves to Japan following his professor father. One day at a local shrine, he meets a beautiful, long-haired Japanese girl with innocent eyes. Her name is Nanae, and she is an aspiring painter. Min falls for her at first sight. He longs for her but soon learns that Nanae attends the same school to which Min has just transferred. Min befriends Nanae, and despite the cultural and language barriers, they become fast friends, taking in the famous sites of Kyoto. Their feelings for each other grow, and on a visit to a ceramic store, Nanae promises some day to paint Min’s portrait on the pottery that is made by him. Min continues to learn the craft from his father, and he comes to realize that he has to put all of his heart, the kind of love he feels for Nanae, into making the pottery for it not to crack. Because of his grandmother’s sudden illness, Min has to return to Korea to be with her. He cannot get in touch with Nanae, and he becomes anxious. After his grandmother regains her health, he hurries back to Japan to look for Nanae, but she is nowhere to be found. Have his true feelings for Nanae not reached her? Why has Nanae disappeared without a word?

you gotta watch it!
and i love it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the LEARNER license.

the initial plan crashed again. this is due to my slowness in taking actions. hahaha. as talked and planned, i am supposed to take my (driving computer exam) tomorrow with my babyy!, whom is LIMSORWEN. but but, i called the driving school late and she says she has booked already and it is unable for me to sit for the exam tomorrow. oh fine. (it is my second time since i failed it.) and though it is my second trial, but it would be my third time because the second visit was last saturday but the exam venue was full so next time! so yesh, SORWEN and i plan for it to be tomorrow, together again but my bad. can't help it anymore. so SORWEN will do it tomorrow! hahaha. and and i've been talking about doing it our separate ways (but was just saying) and now it became true, yeah so we're now taking it in our separate ways, and this means we cannot and shall not graduate from driving school at the same time. =(( but this does not mean we're not succeeding together! HAHAHA. and as a response post to (Screw you, Wong Suey Erz!), now you're doing it without me, so you can't blame me, heheheh. 

OK, JUST DO IT 50/50 BABYY! :D :D :D 

it is time for you to get a learner (L) license.  
my blesses are with you, full time!

Poppy Poppy! :D

wildchild. ♥

my favourite until NOW. so it's an old movie, what do i care? for those who do not know at all, enjoy!

Sixteen-year-old Poppy Moore (Emma Roberts) has always got what she wanted and lives a pampered life in her L.A. world. Though she's handed credit cards with unlimited balances and surrounded by countless hangers on, Poppy can't escape the mounting frustration she feels with her family situation and she makes sure everyone knows it. After an over-the-top prank pushes her father (Aidan Quinn) one step too far, Poppy is shipped off to an England/English boarding school.

Finding herself in a foreign world of early curfews, stern matrons, and mandatory lacrosse, the United States|American princess has finally met her match: a school of British girls who won't tolerate her rebellious ways. Under the watchful eye of the school's headmistress (Natasha Richardson) and surrounded by a new circle of friends (Josie, Kate, KiKi & Drippy), Poppy begrudgingly realises her bad-girl behavior will only get her so far. But just because she must grow into a fine young lady doesn't mean this Wild Child won't be spending every waking hour shaking up a very proper system. Poppy Moore starts Abbey Mount as she means to go on-her way,or no way.

Realising her Dad's not coming back to get her, and having nowhere to fit in, room-mate Kate tells Poppy she'll have to get herself expelled. Later that night, Poppy reads a book (Alice In Wonderland - her punishment for fighting) with a lighter when her room-mates sneak up on her with torches, and offer their help. They give their ideas on how she can get expelled, and act on them as a group, and let her take the blame. This brings the girls closer, but Poppy still wants to leave. When none of the plans to get Poppy expelled are working the girls realise they will have to go all out and hit the headmistress closer to home by snogging her son Freddie, which is completely forbidden by the school. After some flirting, Freddie asks Poppy out on a date, during which they kiss. Before going out with Freddie, Poppy is so excited she doesn't log off the computer, and runs off. Harriet takes her revenge on Poppy by rewriting her emails to best friend Ruby, and sticks one on the girls' door, suggesting that Poppy is just using them and is faking the friendship. Harriet also rewrites an email about Freddie, stating Poppy's plan to kiss him only to get expelled and that she thinks he is a loser.

Coming back from her night out, Poppy is ready to confess she's actually happy, to find the girls upset. They read the email to her and leave. Upset, Poppy goes to see Freddie but he has found the email about him also and feels betrayed. Poppy, with no one else to turn to, sneaks down to the cook's room to use the phone and rings Ruby, who it turns out is sleeping. Even more alone, Poppy starts playing with her lighter, setting a curtain alight. Hearing footsteps, she quickly puts out the fire and runs off. A few minutes later, she looks out her window to see a fire, and wakes Kate and the rest of the school. After the fire is put out, Freddie looks at the damage and finds her lighter. He gives it back to her, refusing to listen to what happened. Poppy goes to the headmistress and confesses. Poppy also asks Mrs. Kingsley to give a letter to Freddie apologizing and confessing her feelings about everything.

While waiting for the Honour Court which will decide if she should be expelled, she finds a picture of her Mum and the lacrosse team. Poppy sits with the picture when Freddie finds her crying. After a heart to heart, they are friends again. At the Honour Court, Poppy tells her story while her room-mates find out Poppy was out with Freddie when the email was sent, and Harriet was the only one around. Going to the court,they get the whole school to confess they were present at the fire. Harriet then lets slip about Poppy's lighter being used to start the fire, which only Poppy and Freddie knew about, and accidentally confesses to restarting the fire after Poppy successfully put it out. Poppy is innocent. The movie is left off where Harriet is expelled, and Poppy will remain at Abbey Mount.


Monday, January 11, 2010

idiocy OR coincidence? O.o

In 1883 Mr Henry Ziegland, broke off a relationship with his girlfriend who consequently committed suicide.

The girl's brother was so enraged that he hunted down Ziegland and shot him.
The brother, thinking that he had killed Ziegland, then turned his gun on himself. However, Ziegland had not died, but simply had been grazed by the bullet which had then then lodged itself in a tree.

Ziegland considering himself a lucky decided to cut down the large tree, which still had the bullet in it. The task seemed so large and extensive that he decided to blow it up with a few sticks of dynamite. The explosion propelled the bullet into Ziegland's head, killing him.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

avinash bose & khor siew boon.

okay. so clearly this post is dedicated to AVINASH BOSE & KHOR SIEW BOON. hahaha. clearly, something is going on. AVINASH BOSE is leaving for university somewhere in malaysia, for five freaking years. maybe after this, less facebook, less talk, less babified chats, and yeah, less voice from him too. his presence makes a difference to my world. hahaha. really. so i just wanna wish this guy from Ipoh, all the very best to you over there, enjoy every moment to its little bits and lastly come back with your head held high! this is maybe what i call a new phase in his life where one has to study for real and hard. so all my warmest regards goes to you, AVINASH BOSE on this rocky journey. i plucked this from my friend, the road to success is always under construction. and so, you shall work hard till it is done and fine. hahaha. just really wanna wish him all the best and take care. i will definitely pray for your well-being! and for KHOR SIEW BOON whom I love to call her as Boonie, i wish the very best for you on your STPM year. you can do it, definitely! 
hmmm... you guys must be thinking again? what connection does this two have here right? haha. here it is, this is what i respect most of this two musketeers. so here i go. they two are a pair of couple. the sweetest one i would say. you can actually feel how strong they are together, on facebook, on the phone, even all the way from ipoh. they are really one helluva couple! that is what i love most about them. they never realize sometimes maybe, but i feel they are one together. how do i put this right? hahaha. they are one already. hehe. and now, the song, two is better than one is playing in my mind. omg. i dunno what i'm saying already. okay here, one last thing, they are one very rare sweet couple altogether! ups and downs, lefts and rights, and avinash bose  khor siew boon. sorry from the bottom of my heart if i had said anything wrong or hurt you guys in someway or somehow. 
i love you.


all the best & take care avinash bose.

best of luck khor siew boon. take care.

boonie  avinash.

i miss you guys,
glad to know you guys in year 2009.

being on the horns of a dilemma.

i practically hate this word right now AKA dilemma. it is not something you would enjoy dealing with. but, i guess again that's the part and parcel of life. i hate when you lie and i found out from another party or just by myself, who doesn't? and again. i don't care already. 
thank god so much for the strong and positive me. 
that is how i endure my life. 

time wasted is life wasted already.

what do i do these days?

okay. this is definitely going to be shitty. i'm like, who cares already? whaddya want me to say really?
i've got nothing to say no more. be it or not. i'm implementing that 'I DON'T CARE' attitude already for a long time now and it works right for me. things just seemed to get better when you do not give a damn about that matter right? i bet most of you just wanna drop somethings and move on in life but the question is when? and how? no. i'm not having that kind of problem. whatever written and said here is plain random. i just need some guidance and that will do me good already, really! thanks so much to you, really! :) everyone is having their own life in some way but i have not yet figure out mine. wth right yeah. imisssheilasee. that call from her was heartbreaking, i tell you. i hate it when people call you up in tears cause i just do not what to do. i'm not a good consultant aight. don't blame me cause i ain't that perfect but she knows me well enough. hahaha.
and suddenly i figured out that, i really miss my old circle of friends. the things we did and the laughter we shared. hahaha. how nice. there's nothing wrong now. it's just that the part and parcel of my life seems torn apart now. i dunno where to look to sometimes. it's there and then it disappears again. i really need something to be busy with right now. something that would make me work my ass off. something that can get my mind off this stupid issues. i gotta live life on my own and stop worrying and concerning about the others. sometimes, selfishness is something you need in life to get what's right for you. nowadays, everyone is leaving. important people in my life is all over the planet, but nowhere near me. that i know. hahaha. cause i've been missing them day by day. sometimes, i feel safer when they're around and when they're gone, i feel the emptiness. do i have to fill that emptiness with something else? i need something to be contented with and seriously,...

i don't care already.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Eve Retreat 2009 cum New Year Bash 2010; MEB2008!

Oh mann. First up, HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS! Hahaha. Haven't been posting up anything since the New Years! Haha.
This is what I would like to post about today, an event that took place on New Year's Eve and The Peak of New Year! Haha.
Event: New Year's Eve Retreat 2009 cum New Year Bash 2010!!!
Date: 31st December 2009 & 1 January 2010
Time: 24 hours
Venue: Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam & MRC Klang Chapter, HQ.
Attendance: Fellow members of MEB2008
Once upon a time, we gathered at HQ as promised at 8.30am. While waiting for the others to come, the hungry ones went to a restaurant to have their morning breakfast! We dropped by at Chong Kok Kopitian but it was full so, off we went to the next door! That's where we found ourselves some delicious Nasi Lemak and some morning drinks at Restoran Bismillah! Hahaha. Along the way, Mani came and the rest ended at HQ! Hahaha. If you're wondering how we did it, here's a checklist for you to imagine:
  • Pakaian bebas pada waktu pagi
  • Pakaian swiming pada waktu petang
  • T-shirt KB31 pada waktu malam
  • Pakaian secukupnya, TUALA, SHAMPOO and etc.
  • POTLUCK Item (Individual sponsors) Refer to Pang!
  • BBQ Item (Individual sponsors) Refer to Manoj!
  • Money (Approximately RM 20++) Bring small change too! ;) Naik bus mah.
  • Camera! (Precious moments!: Ching Pei)
  • Arang (Manoj)
  • Peralatan BBQ: Pengepit, Garpu, Sudu, Pinggan, Cawan, Pisau!
  • Kasut & Selipar
  • Bring some games! BALL and etc.
  • First Aid Kit!                   
Oh yeah! We went in backpacking style! Whoohoo! Such memories down the lane! And and, here is how we started off this plan, we had a meeting on the 29th of December 2009 in our beloved Bilik Belia. Ideas after ideas and we were wanting to organize a reunion so badly and also as a farewell to NS members because it has been so long since we all hanged out due to our major SPM! Hahaha. Who knows what? BOOM! And then, Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam! Our mother nature of all places! Hahaha. We had unanimous vote and we agreed to generate the plan! I told Mahes: WE MUST MAKE IT HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT! Hahaha. So, the PIC assigned is none other than our Muhd. Syabil as the Pengerusi! Hahaha. Here it goes! PAP, PAP, PAP! Decisions after decisions, plans after ideas and so on! 
This is how I look at it,...
29th December 2009 : Hari Perancangan.
30th December 2009 : Hari Perlaksanaan Rancangan.
31st December 2009 : Hari Perlaksanaan & Perkembangan Aktiviti.

Hahaha. All I can say is, everything fell right into its places! =)) 
Then, all of us met at HQ, approximately about 9.15am. OH! We got Papa Shree's call from The Phillips! We miss him so much! So hoped that he was with us too! =]] Then then, we proceed to our destination! We had to get a bus to Shah Alam first! (Walking to the Klang Bus Station) Total travelling fee from Klang to Shah Alam is RM 1.90. Hahaha. We got up the bus and GO! Along the way, we had our chit-chats! Hahaha. After about an hour or so, we arrived at Kompleks PKNS. (If am not mistaken.) Then we proceed to TAXIs! We didn't wanna burden ourselves with heavy bags all the way,so...! Guess what? To get to BCSA from there by TAXI, it's only RM 10 per ride! If you calculate, passengers per ride is 4, take 10 divided by 4, you'll get RM 2.50! omg. Hahaha! Honestly, for me it was like A BARGAIN! If and only if you're paying for yourself! Laughs! Oops! I forgot to tell you, I was the 'Bendahari' of the day! ;) For fun yoh! Off we bounced off to BCSA with 3 TAXIs! Whoots! (I wonder where we got all this skills from eyh?)

Rush Hour.
Then we proceed to the entrance of BCSA to pay up our entrance fee; RM 3.00 each! Hahaha. We were debating on whether to go around BCSA on bicycles or the safari bus instead. While I was certain to go on the safari bus, but the others wanted to go on bikes! I gave up then! LMAO. Off we go, proceeding to the swimming pool of Camar Rimba! Whaddya know? We rested ourselves there, took some SUPERB nice shots at PADANG PASIR and settle down ourselves first at the PONDOK by the pool! Sweet! Manoj brought Mihun Goreng for us! =)) Sedaps! Hahaha. Then then, they wanna go some this NEW FOUR SEASON TEMPERATE HOUSE, that they called it RUMAH EMPAT MUSIM! What to expect lah kan? Hahaha. Some of us ride off first while the guys prepare the BBQ pit. When Syabil had directed us to the FOUR SEASON TEMPERATE HOUSE, we waited there for the others. So, Syabil cycled back to get the others to come! And you know what? Cycling on rocky, up and down roads, IT IS DEFINITELY AIN'T EASY AS YOU THINK! If you know what's PANCIT, then you'll know how it definitely feels everytime trying to push yourself harder weh! Hahaha. 15 minutes or so later, all of them came, rushing down the road! Hahaha! O.O Sheila lost her control because her bike brakes were loose and she almost flung herself into the pond but she manage to turn to the side in time to increase the the stopping time! Hahaha. If you witnessed it, HELL NO! You would have thought she is guaranteed in the pool already but all thanks to God's grace, she's fine but WE ARE TRAUMATIZE! Hahaha. 

We walk up the stairs to reach the FOUR SEASON TEMPERATE HOUSE and parked our bicycles there! Hahaha. As usual, entrance fee is RM 3.00. Nothing more and nothing less! Hahaha. THE GOOD NEWS HERE IS, it's the season we never had in Malaysia! It's Winter time! We entered and of course PICTURE TIME! Hahaha. But this isn't like the Snow World in Genting Highlands or wert, it's just sorta like a showcase of how a cold icy place would seem like plus the freaking cold temperature! Can you imagine? It's stated outside at the poster wall, -2 degrees. Hahaha. O.O Why we had all the fun is because while we were waiting outside, it was really hot until we entered, it was like Ahhhh! Hahaha. That's the real fun! Whoohoo! Two of them slipped down because of the slippery floor, Kiri & Ching Pei! Hahaha.
It was just a short visit, I guess around 20 minutes lah. Hahaha. Izan came out of the House with an infected face cause her skin isn't used to unusual temperatures! LOL. I'm guessing it's around 2.00++pm now. 

After that, we cycled back to where we came from! The pool side! Whoots! Hahaha. Of course we managed to reach safely but,... Unfortunately, Mahes & Kiri got injured in a Superman's style. Hahaha. How did this happen? While they were speeding down the hill, a car came from the opposite direction so they wanna avoid it but couldn't stop abruptly! So, they let themselves fall off just like that, then they kinda flew straight down from their bikes, and of course OUCHs! There were scratches here and there. Hahaha. But they're fine. Hahaha. But as usual, cuts and burns wouldn't stop them, the THREESOME went cycling around BCSA and the others back at the pool side prepared for BBQ! Mmmm... Some, like me and Sor Wen wants the pool! And we did our official opening by free-falling backwards from the pool side! What a SPLASH! Hahaha. Painful stomach later! It feels like a slap on the face! ROFL!

While few of us were having fun in the pool, some were just hanging around, some cycling around the neighbourhood and others BBQ-ing! Hahaha. After done with the setting up of the Pit, Mani, Syabil and Pang came to join us in the pool! Hahaha. In the mean time, we had some ENTERTAINMENT! We played ways to jump in the pool real hard till water can rush into your nose! Hahaha. You name it, WE did it! Hahaha. Backflip, Cannonball (I only did this!), and their customized shots! Hahaha. And we kinda felt a bit bored cause all of them wasn't there yet, so we proceed to BBQ Pit by The Paya! Hahaha. I started burning off some OTAKs! My favourite OK! Hahaha. And then some marshmallows! Damn nice I tell you! After a while, Manoj, Mahes & Kiri are back from their expedition! Elaina just came too! Haha. 

Oh! Oh! Oh! While we were BBQ-ing, Manoj and Kiri came by! OMG! That scene when they stood there above us, they looked exactly like the werewolf pack from New Moon! To be precise, Kiri looked like Jacob Black! So melting hot! Hahaha. Listen to what Sor Wen has to say, Kiri & Manoj! GO AWAY! We're melting! Hahaha. As soon as I heard that, Sheila & I burst out laughing! And yeah, they were that hot and they're my brathers too! Whoots laah! Hahaha. That breath-taking scene! ROFL! After snacking on some OTAKs, Sor Wen & I decided to return to the pool! Whoohoo! The others too! So the dry ones were only BBQ-ing! Hahaha. It was nearly 4.00pm by that time! LOL. All the guys went in the deep pool, Sor Wen & I loitering around and then after CANNONBALL shots again! Hahaha! While we was having all that fun, suddenly you could see drops of water from the sign and some growling noises! BAD NEWS! It's the rain and the thunder! Due to the lightning and the thunder, we were asked to get out of the pool in order to avoid any mishaps! Of course we did the same. Kiri got leg cramps here! He says maybe it's too cold! Mahes was having fun cause he finally could show off that he could swim. Hahaha! 

After getting out, we still wanna have more fun! So what we did? We grab our bikes and off to the slippery car park road! Hahaha. Manoj, Mahes, Kiri, Sor Wen & I wanted to cycle under the rain when suddenly Kiri jumped off his bike cause his cramps came back again! This time it's both the legs and it's more severe! You could actually see the shape of the swollen muscles at his femur! That time I was like OMG! but no worries yeah! cause First Aiders are to his rescue! Our Kecemasan on that day was Maniraj! Hahaha. He came, carried Kiri to a safer place which is back at the pool side and did what he needed to do! Hahaha. When I went back there, he was fine already! Only resting down! Hahaha. 

As it was already around 5.00pm, we had to leave because the place is closing. Haha. So we packed up, walked out to the main entrance and called the TAXIs! Hahaha. Same rate back! LMAO! Off we go heading back to HQ, our 2nd home sweet home! The rest of the story is history cause it can be explained by you looking at the pictures and the rest on Facebook! 


Hereby, I shall end my lengthy post! This is something I would love to remember, year in year out! EVEN 20 YEARS FROM NOW! =))

Lastly, I just wanna say, this could not have happened without my beloved 08s! I love them so much till death do us part! x)) How I wished Sir was with us but we all know why! Everything happens for a reason and I am  so happy that we pulled off such a bombastic yet short retreat! It was really memorable! Manoj told me this, before the reunion, he had all the fire to go and rock NS but after that, he just wanna stay with his 08s because he felt 'tidak sampai hati' to leave us because this retreat had lead us to cap off our Year 2009 with a beautiful ending and that is MEB2008's New Year's Eve Retreat & New Year Bash! 

Byes, I love my Papa & 08s forever.
They are the reason of why I'm here today! =))

Suey Erz.