Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unexpect the unexpected.


When life decides to give us more,
it takes something out,
and that something can never be taken back.

Shocked by the news, 
I was overwhelmed,
 to listen that my dearest friend has to go through the grief of the loss of his beloved mother,
Aunty, thank you for everything!
My heartfelt wishes for you, Mani,
and I'm always around for you, one call away,
May the spirit of 08 be with you, to keep you stronger for the harder days to come.

On the other note,

Happy Independence Day, people! 53 times.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Up to you.

Is there something wrong with me or it is with you? Cause I've been finding it really hard to get you for the past few days. I am not in this world to interpret anyone but you've been making me wonder, like a lot, whether or not I'm busy, I've been wondering about you nor is it good or bad. Whatever it takes for us to regain form, I can't promise anyone anything anymore. It's up to you to do your way cause in the end, it is your own life that you are deciding on and if you find it so hard trying to figure out what's best, then you better start bucking up and start catching up with what you've missed. Try walking through the roads of your life rather than trying your best to run to the finish line cause I can guarantee you that what you've missed, can never come around again. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Confession of a Helpless Friend.

LIM.SOR.WEN. Private Limited.
She was a bitch & now, she's my byyatch! 

Dearest Byy,
I am so nervous as this post reads on, I DUNNO WHY! Ask me tomorrow. *giggles*
First and utmost, I always tend to wish the birthday person right at the end of their day, I DUNNO WHY TOO.
But, the reason I took some time to sort this post and pictures out is just so you like it. I don't want to just wish you a wish, instead I want it to be a memorable one for you, on your first legal age, 18th! 
P/S: We're the Eighteenth Byys now!
OPPs! HAPPY SEXY 18th Legal Birthday Byy! 
Just so you know, earlier evening, I really wanted to drive up to Klang Utama to search for your house but when Pang told me that it takes approximately half an hour to reach, I kept my intentions; I'm sorry I didn't surprise you. 
OKAY, forget about that.
HAHAHA. I've been thinking about your birthday since the 1st day of August, I DUNNO WHY.
I wanted to make this a happening one but but BUT! Oh damn.
Anyways, I just wanna confessed that you have been the Best Byy you've ever been, I wouldn't ask for more, or an exchange or a repair of YOU! I am truly blessed with your presence and many many much more. You know what I'm talking about, the moments, the fun and the laughter and sweat and tears too. I truly love you for who you are because people that you clicked too don't come around often in your life and for that, I wanna THANK YOU! 
And people out there of various intentions in life, you'd never wanna mess with ma Byy cause for sure you will regret much later! Byy, I can't give you any valuable gifts for now, this is the most I can do for your day today. Sometimes, I tend to take things for granted and if one day down the road, that we don't say Hi or talk to each other anymore, I promise that I will never forget you and say "Hey, that's my Best Friend right there!" unless you choose to discard me from your life, I will not decide on that. I've been quite depressed or not in the mood for the past few weeks or days, you can say, everyday looking forward to the days when I can meet you. You may not have any presents from me today, but YOU are the best present that I can have since the day we've met. The things we've been through have brought us apart and also closer to each other, without further delay, I would like to wish you a warm & loving "Happy Birthday to you!" *ROADTRIP PLAN* in mind! 

Loves you like no other.

This is such a lame post, I almost died. Sorry if I did not manage to exceed your level of expectation, I was rather unprepared. *GIVING LAME EXCUSES!* :D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Don't Know What You Did, But You Did It Well, && I'm Under Your Spell! ♥

Familiar? :D
He's Nickhun! Superrocker name with Hawt Hawt properties!

What am I talking about? I'm Under His Spell!

Pssst... Initially, I was into Tae Cyeon first after watching the CABI video, now that I found this shots someone posted on Facebook News Feed, Oh My Mama Papa Oh Le Le, I melted at room temperature!

WATCH THE CABI Vid & You'll know what I just meant! ;)

P/S: I can't seem to be getting TaeCyeon's awesome pictures anywhere on Google. Watch the Vid, he's damn right Hot there!

[HD] MV - Cabi song (Caribbean Bay) 2PM & SNSD

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Before you misunderstood or underestimate me, think twice before you do so.
Come spill it in my face before you judge!
Or else, somebody is going to get hurt, not just once but double the times harder!
Why is it a problem when I don't take the initiative to talk to you?
But it is NEVER a problem when you don't come talk to me first.
I'm sick and tired of being the one to blame or maybe being the one to be expected to take the first move.
Gimme a break, I have self-agenda in my head too.
When I don't come spam you on the Wall automatically, that doesn't mean you can't do it before I do, that just simply means that I'm up to something else.