Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kamaljit Singh Jhooti. ♥

What's with the Punjabi name right? Don't have to wonder cause he's right there, JAY SEAN! Omg! Literally falling in love I tell you! I dunno what on earth happened to him but but but after that haircut and that two HIT songs, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I hope he gets awarded for the Best Music Video Award! GG!
I am so amazed by his life story! If you have time, Google or Wikipedia it or something! GG! He's so HOT! Beh tahan.com!

Now you know why! =))

Do You Remember is so my NUMBER ONE!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My 2010 birthday. The best as it is, always! ♥

Hmmm... It's been so long since I've last blogged. 
Reasons: Busy working, Too tired and Kinda losing mood along the way but NOW, Back in action! 

First up, it's a bloody hell Moanday! -_- Started work at 930am until 630pm. Wishes came after wishes via SMS, Facebook, Verbal and Phone Calls. I'm expecting a really boring horrible one this year until 7pm strikes at the clock! Wee! YOU KNOW WHAT!? They made my whole day I tell you. I really so appreciate it much. 
They are KATRINA MARIE FERNANDEZ, NG YAU ZANE JUSTIN, TEH LI ONN & CALVIN ROY GANAPATHI! Hmmm... actually, Kat told me like few days before that they planned to celebrate for me. But yeah and yeah, they surprised me and I love the whole thing. Thank you like a million! =') They met me up in front of Padini at like 7pm and LI ONN lied to me about that he's still at home. Hahaha. And and and, we went to get tickets for MOVIE! They didn't wanna let me know what we're watching at first. HAHA. Until finally, TOOTH FAIRY! (Superb funny movie I tell you, much funnier than Old Dogs!) Before that, we went to have our dinner first at... JENG! JENG! JENG!... Secret Recipe! Mmm...delicious! I had Tom Yum Spaghetti, LI ONN had some cheesy thing which was so my type of food! Who cares about the fats! Then later, CHING PEI gave me a call from NS just to wish me! So cweet yeah! Thanks. Moving on, after our dinner, they ask me to choose a cake. I choose some Butterscotch Caramel thing. Dayummmm! They are so full of surprises I tell you. The waitress bought the cake slice with a candle, and there goes the Bday song! And then fed everyone a bite of it and Yummyyy! Then we rush for our movie! Hahahaha! TOOTH FAIRY I tell you! I was LMAO-ing throughout the whole movie! Bahahaha! Great movie and we all remember the Finale from that uncle! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Felt like the hardest laugh I ever had! And then, nothing funnier can ever beat what we have done there! Right on the floor! THE TRICK! The funniest live prank I have done and ever witnessed! Thanks to JUSTIN & KATRINA for the brilliant idea and to LI ONN & CALVIN for the successful SETUP! HAHAHAHA! Then then then. CALVIN & LI ONN gotta head for home! Urmmm... The best buds I've ever had I guess since our younger days! =P I LOVE YOU ALL! There are the ones that I know will be there forever! =') THANKSYOUSOMUCHYEAHFOREVERYTHING! Kat, you always got that lovely thought in your mind. =)) They went back. And we moved on to have Ice-cream at McD. CHRIS called me before that and he ask to lepak time! LOL! So, I waited for Chris and JUSTRINA waited till Chris came and pick me up! Hahaha. Went MAMAK with Chris and talks and craps! HAHAHA. When I was having my Ice-cream, I got an unknown number call again, from NS! Guess who's it? SHEILAA! =)) Damn, just so cweet kann! I will never rate my whatsoever Bday anymore. I had it the best every year! :D Oh yeah, JUSTRINA present's were lollies, a pair of loop earrings and a W necklace. Wee! Nothing more I could ask for. They made it the most special! And THANK YOU ALL for your cweet thought and wishes. Appreciates it with all my heart! 
(*There were something else I didn't mention, it was more like a mini wish. I wanna meet Sir so badly cause he's leaving back to Phills the next day so yeah, Sir text me earlier and asked if I was working and how was my day and I called Sir back after my work to know that Sir is actually on his way to some interview and will try to meet me if he reached Klang in time. Hahaha. Sir was back at Klang only by around 1am. So yeah, no meet up. But it's OK! The call and everything was all worthwhile!) Hmmm... I'm so contented and so much to appreciate around me. What more can I ask for? My life is beautiful in its own way! 

Days after, Tuesday comes! And SARAH NG MEI LER brought me too Tuesday Pasar Malam to treat me, OUR beloved Taiwanese Black Pepper Sausages! OMG! I'm so missing all that sessions with her! Thank you SARAH! And THANK YOU AGAIN to AMANDA LEE SIU CHERN and LIM SOR WEN for dedicating your page to me for a day! Hee yaah! Happy Birthday to me, thank you! It's so late but whatever, I wanna remember what I wanna remember! SO YEAH!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Suara latar.

Impian menjana masa depan;
Dakapan kasih antara kita merupakan kasih rakan setia,
Harap dakapan ini ku rasakan senantiasa,
Terima kasih,
Mungkin dapat menjadi penghujung bicara…
Tapi kata-kata yang terus gian porak-peranda dalam hati terus digolakkan.

Kata orang, dunia tiada penghujung
Tuhan tidak dapat dilihat,
Nombor tiada akhirnya,
Sama juga kasih antara kita...
Dan walau bumi ini mampu mencari penghujungya
Kasih kita takkan dapat mencari penghujungnya;
Ku ikatkan bersama atmaku...
Salam Malam! 
Pedoman hidupku…

Pssst: You must be thinking WHAT'S THIS? HAHAHA. Lemme tell you. It's just a piece of puisi. If you get the meaning, you're good. HAHAHA. And the author, I'll keep it as Anonymous. =)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

time is sucking me up...

i really really wanna update, since my birthday but...
i don't have that energy to drive me now.
stay tuned!

yours truly,

don't mess with me these few days. TQ!