Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The worthy 2 hours. ♥

Guess what this 2 hours is about this time?

After a long-winded 3 hours of Mathematics T class today, I planned to meet up with Byy after her Math tuition too. In the end, her class ended at 1.30pm. And so we met at McD. Thought we would have our lunch there but  Sen Chen wants to go for a movie at Bukit Raja and so we went to Aeon Bukit Raja. Byy & I didn't have the urge to go watch movie today, all we wanted was a simple lunch and chatters. And hence, we decided. First, we walked to McD, but it looked too much like a Nonsensical Night Market place, so I insisted on Kenny Roger's Roasters. Their interior was way better looking than the McD's. But not to forget, KRR does not offer McValue Lunch in the afternoon, so we would have to suffer the high pricy bill by ordering two sets of quarter meal and 2 cans of Coke Light. All in all, Omg! Carbs + carbs + saturated carbs = FATS! Screw the bill, let's move on to the fun part.

Now the fun part,
...and of course the fun part is Private & Confidential. No elaborations done here as I cannot remember the things we've talked all by myself.

Just wanted to say that I had a delightful hang with ma Byy! I guess you can say that we live for each other huh! ;)
Okayla, not so KUA CHEONG - Simple said, I love her, she loves me? :p

I love to feel being loved, cannot?
Screw you la if you have no love to give! HAHAHA

And when we called for the bill, it all came to about RM46.90. WTF! This is a costly 2 hours I may say but I'm not regretting any bit of it. 

"Byy, no worries lah kay, when it happens, it is bound to happen, there's always a next time! And you can put aside the cost of the bill yeah." 

There's my Byy right there with her pose! :p

Keep moving forward.
We owe ourselves some  mind-blowing performances!

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