Thursday, December 23, 2010

If you don't intend to stay, then don't make a grand entrance.

I'm sure some of you find my caption familiar. (Not because someone already quoted it but merely because it had happened to you, somehow, sometime.) Then again, this ain't any 'emotional' post or whatsoever. I just wanna say it out.

Often, we meet new people every year, year in year out. But really, how many stays and how many leaves? Some had led you thinking it'll be 'Happily Ever After', and some you know it's just there. It's those that led you feeling the 'Happily Ever After' are those that contain poisonous issues. It's so poisonous it can kill the human out of you or sometimes, kill the old you and give you a new, stronger you.

Okay okay, down to the point of my post. You know, meeting a new person every year gives you a first impression of them whether you're right or wrong. In my case, I'm always in the wrong. C'mon lah, I'm sure you guys had it too. Hahaha.

Here's my point, when you already think that you know someone, now I've learned that it is too soon to conclude that you have really know the person, inside out. Truth is, you'll never know everything about that one person. And often, it's the person that you labelled nice and 'genuine' is the one who reveals it all soon after. And here comes the 'poisonous' part. What your mind do is, it starts reminding you of what you hated about the person. And yes, I do agree that no one is perfect in this world, but then again, how not to be annoyed when an 18 year old doesn't act like one right? Truth is, I may be pointing this post to someone but these occasions happens all the time. And I am sure that there are also people out there who hate me for who I am, not that I bother, but not everyone can accept you for who you are and especially after gazillion times of hinting, it lets you wonder, what kind of a person he/she is? WHO CARES ABOUT THESE PEOPLE ANYWAY. The only reason we care is because we want the betterment of our lives and also maybe try to improve them.

Their attitude problem is not my say, but 'Sky is the limit!' And let me remind you a little thing about me, once I have started seeing things I disliked about you, I can never see you in the same way anymore unless our friendship is a special one under some conditional cases. ;)

I don't wanna elaborate more but I'll just list some things down.

Princesses. (Those who wants everything, basically selfish person who really does things for herself.)
Uncooperative people. 
The only child in the family who acts like the only one everywhere. (I personally label this as SINDROM ANAK TUNGGAL.)
Clingy girls. (Not that I don't like you, if you're clingy to me, shooo! I'm no lesbian!) I can be a best friend, but mind my privacy.
People who put themselves ahead of others. (In a bad manner.)
People who act dumber when they're dumb.
People who can't sweat a little bit more to do what to get done.
People who do not prioritize when it comes down to doing a group project.
People who complain the most ridiculous things on Earth.
People who talks a lot especially when I'm not in the mood cause whatever they say at that moment, sounds really LAME to me. -.-

NUFF SAID. I don't have to live to like you. Bleh.

I'm a princess, with an awesome attitude. ;)


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